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Less than 0.02% of Canadian bogs are used for horticulture, providing literally thousands of years of harvestable peat (approximately 29,000 years). Canadian Sphagnum Moss is growing more than 60 times faster than what is currently harvested a year. Several environmental agencies oversee all aspects of the peat bogs insuring a safe and sustainable ecosystem. Canadians are proud to share this renewable resource to improve our soil.

Sphagnum Peat Moss is usually harvested between late spring and early fall in Canada. Once the top layer of peat has been dried enough by sun and wind, vacuum harvesters collect the peat. It is piled up and then sent to the processing facility where it is screened and packaged.

Cheek Garden Products, Inc. markets and sales  Ferti-lome brand potting soils and peat moss to independent garden centers across the United States.  The Ultimate source for reliable potting mixes and soil amendments.


Fertil-lome potting mixes and peat moss is manufactured in Quebec, Canada by Lambert Peat Moss, Inc. A family-owned company since 1928 and pioneer in the peat moss industry in North America. Providing the best service and peat moss products is a proud family tradition for already four generations.

Certified VeriFlora® Responsibly Managed Peatland


VeriFlora® is a sustainability certification program for fresh flowers and potted plants. This certification program is based on ISO 9 0001 et ISO 14 001 standards; the requirements for this this program involve all aspects of peat production, environmental protection and social responsibility as well as product quality.

Lambert Peat Moss, Inc. is an active participant and meets the standards for VeriFlora certification program for responsible peatland management.

Companies that are VeriFlora® certified must meet specific criteria. An independent agency, Scientific Certification Systems ( will thoroughly verify if the company meets these criteria and the company’s compliancy based on the following elements :

• Responsible peatland management
• Protection and conservation of ecosystems
• Conservation of resources and energy efficiency
• Integrated waste management
• Equitable working conditions
• Community Benefits
• Product Quality

The Canadian peat moss industry has already undertaken steps collectively to maintain and develop the best management practices in the peatland sector and the peat industry.

This certification program for responsible peatland management is the most important standard and compliancy to this program guarantees a firm commitment to ongoing improvement in the production of substrates for horticultural growth. For more information on the VeriFlora® – Certified Peatland Products certification, please visit :

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