• New Design for 2015
    New Design for 2015
  • ULTIMATE Potting Mix
    ULTIMATE Potting Mix
  • PRO Container Mix
    PRO Container Mix

Found at your local Independent Garden Centers and Retailers.

Ultimate Potting Mix

One of the most recognizable and reliable brands made for Independent Garden Centers.

Peatland Management

Great care is taken to oversee and practice sustainable peatland management.

Sphagnum Peat Moss

All Natural, Organic, Pure Canadian for Vegetables, Flower Gardens, Shurbs, Houseplants & Lawns. ORMI Listed.

Quality Control

Quality is a top priority. This is why our mixing plant has a complete quality control laboratory. The laboratory follows set procedures to make sure our products which leave the plant complies with our high quality standards. On a regular basis the soil mixes are sampled and analyzed directly from the manufacturing line. They are analyzed for pH, EC and S.M.E analysis. The staff also checks for particle size distribution, porosity and moisture content. Presentation is regularly checked as well by Quality Control which checks the physical appears of the bags, measure the yields and firmness of our bags.

Your customers expect the best and we deliver.


Production of our products begins out in the field. Our sphagnum peat moss is selected from the best Canadian peat bogs. The peat is screened to remove sticks and unwanted materials. At the manufacturing plant, we use carefully selected ingredients to bring to you and your customers the most reliable mixes on the market.

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